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Let's recap!

In Module 1 we looked at SEO Scams and Cons so you can avoid the companies that could cause your website considerable harm.

Module 2 covered personalized search so you don't make the very common mistake made by many website owners and think you have good rankings when you don't!

In Module 3 we saw how Search Engines go about deciding who should be in their Search Results Pages and in what order they should rank.

Module 4 was all about deciding what you want to rank for in the SERPs so you don't waste your time trying to compete with much larger players or ranking for phrases no one searches!

Module 5 outlined how we can help search engines understand the basic structure of our website.

In Module 6 we went through how to check if the key elements of a web page are optimized.

In Module 7 we got to grips with how to audit and optimize our code to ensure it is correctly marked up for search engine bots to read and understand clearly.

Module 8 was all about structuring the overall content of your website so search engines can understand your topic areas.

Module 9 covered key areas search engines look for in terms of security, page loading speed and content presentation.

In Module 10 we saw how you can get your website authority to boost it up the rankings.

In Module 11 we looked at ways to monitor your SEO progress.

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In this course we've taken a website and learnt how to get visitors to it by applying SEO so it ranks at the top of the search results in Google, Bing and other major search engines.

But Search Engine Optimization is part of a larger field. Online Marketing. Your SEO can have a far greater impact when you understand how it fits in here.

So let's take a look at eight popular online marketing options which are not SEO but hold the potential to amplify your Search Engine Optimization work.

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Market Places

Market Places

Perhaps you shouldn't try and get the market to come to you, raise awareness of your brand and products or services by going to the market

There are the obvious market places as well as hundreds of niche ones where you could be selling tomorrow.

You may even find your sales rise once you achieve good rankings in Google and Bing because people see your brand in more places, raising confidence.



There are respectable directories that people trust and use to find people just like you. These might even be places they look before using any major search engine.



Every field has portals like Behance for designers or Upwork for freelancers. These are places where people might search for what you offer more often than using Google or Bing.



Demonstrating your expertise can bring people to you and your website who already trust what you have to say and instant confidence in your brand.

Social Media

Social Media

People trust sites that their friends recommend making social media, potentially, an extremely powerful place to focus your energies.

Guest Writing

Guest Writing

Get articles or content featured on other websites and get people who want to visit your website and already respect your expertise.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Don't forget the real world! People respond strongly to word of mouth recommendations whether they are talking with each other face to face or online so think about how you could generate a 'buzz' for what you have to offer.

Paid Online Marketing

Paid Online Marketing

If you know how to do it right sometimes paid advertising can actually make your SEO much more profitable ... but only if you know how to do it right!

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On average half of website traffic comes from the major search engines, the other half comes from other online marketing sources like the eight above.

To see how this works in practice click through the slide show below to see some examples:

  • If you are selling a product and customers find your website via a search engine <span class='underline'>and</span> see you in a <b>Marketplace</b> like Amazon <span class='underline'>and</span> see your expert advice on a <b>forum</b> they are far more likely to buy from you.
  • If you are a blogger and readers see you in the search results <span class='underline'>and</span> notice your activity in social media <span class='underline'>and</span> notice your content elsewhere on the web in <b>guest posts or columns</b> they are far more likely to become engaged with you over the long term.
  • If you provide a service and people find you in the search engines <span class='underline'>and</span> recognise you in <b>respectable directories</b> <span class='underline'>and</span> <b>portals</b> they will feel far more confident to get in touch or sign up for what you offer.
SEO and other Online Marketing options

So many people jump into Search Engine Optimization without thinking carefully about how it fits into Online Marketing. While you might end up all at sea your competitors could be doing very nicely thank you by including other avenues with their SEO.

Now is the time to look over your options and choose which mix you think will work for you.

SEO Agency

If you contract your SEO out understanding the wider field of Online Marketing is even more important.

When you hire an SEO agency they have only one answer to every challenge ... SEO. An Online Marketing agency can be far more effective by mixing your Search Engine Optimization with the multitude of opportunities available on the internet.

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