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Making Website Changes for SEO

Resolving SEO issues

Has a Webmaxing SEO course highlighted issues with your website but you don't know how to resolve them?

There are simply too many platforms and methods for building websites for us to include all the 'How To' answers here. However here are a few suggestions:

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Google it!

If you know what platform your website is built on (e.g. WordPress, XCart, etc) just try Googling what you need.

For example search "How to make WordPress urls SEO friendly" to find out how you can make changes to the urls of your WordPress based site.

You'll be surprised how often issues have already been resolved by others and sometimes they have even created plugins so you can make the changes you need to without needing any technical skills.

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Get Help

Sometimes you really do need a programmer to resolve certain issues, especially if your website is a bespoke build or on an unusual platform.

If this is you then you could:

  1. Contact us at link2light for a quote
  2. Try a freelancing service like Freelancer or Upwork and put what you need done out for contractors to bid on.