Module 1 - Avoiding SEO Scams and Cons (Text)

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Avoiding SEO Scams and Cons Explainer Video

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SEO isn't always easy - it can take weeks or months to get results. Shark SEO agencies prey on people when they hit lows by promising amazing results for $thats-not-a-huge-amount-what-do-i-have-to-lose.

Shark SEO Company

How much is that exactly? Well there's a shark SEO agency to fit every budget so if $5,000 per month is too much for you there will be one that offers the same for $2,000 per month and so on.

Most of the time what they do is useless but they know $thats-not-a-huge-amount-what-have-i-got-to-lose is also $thats-not-enough-to-make-it-worth-suing-to-get-my-money-back especially if they are located on the other side of the planet.

Spotting a Shark SEO Company

Here are a few red flags that let you know you are dealing with a Shark!

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Search engines change how they work all the time and competitors can change their websites at any moment so nothing is guaranteed in SEO. Check for:

  • The unenforceable guarantee - consider how likely you will be able to enforce the guarantee. How much time and money are you prepared to spend in legal action and, if the company is based abroad, how likely you are to be successful.
  • The worthless guarantee - what are they actually guaranteeing? Is it to rank you for a keyword that no one ever searches? We'll see how you can check this later in the course.

If a SEO company or contractor starts showering you with jargon you can be sure they have something to hide. Search Engine Optimization work can be explained in every day English.

These don't exist. There is no reason for a SEO company to hide what they do unless they know it is a short term result full of risks

If someone does not want to be transparent with you, don't start sharing your $$$ with them.

Claiming to know someone on the inside of Google or Bing which tells them how the search engines work is a favorite line of many Shark SEO companies.

It sounds great but of course there is no way you can verify it .... and they know it!

Don't want to sign a contract, what about a one off miracle method?

If shark SEO companies can't get you paying monthly they will try and draw you in with one off services that seem very affordable (usually $50 - $100).

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Cheap articles

You've probably heard content helps website rank higher but in reality only high quality content that attracts links is the long term investment.

Search engines are getting better at spotting the $50 article of drivel with a link in it.

Loads of links

Despite the fact that Google has banned thousands of sites which buy lorry loads of links there are still scammers out there selling them to those who don't know better.

10,000 links for $90? Think about it.

The private blog network (PBN)

Some scammers claim to have networks of blogs which Google does not know supply links for a fee (usually for around the $100 mark).

It's true ... for a while ... but when they come crashing in the penalties can be handed out far and wide bringing your site down with them.

Banned email from search engine

Shark SEO companies practice something called Black Hat SEO - SEO techniques which are break the terms and conditions of the major search engines.

Sometimes what they do can work for a while ... until your website is rumbled by the search engines. In the worst case scenario your pages end up banned from the search engines.

This course will give you the basic knowledge of SEO needed to avoid the cons and hold a sensible conversation with a SEO agency so you can quickly get a feel for who you are dealing with.

Complete all 12 modules and they won't be able to bamboozle you with jargon. What's more you will already know some of the real issues affecting your website so you can instantly assess their competency.

One trick pony SEO

The One-Trick-Pony SEO company

Sometimes someone carries out SEO on a website, is successful and reckons they have found the one true search engine optimization method.

Not truly a scam and so harder to spot than a shark but you'll know a One Trick Pony because they will obsessively talk about one type of SEO and when you try to discuss other techniques they will quickly discount them.

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Be aware that all that glitters is not gold but there are plenty of people out there who would like to persuade you otherwise.

Now you know how to avoid the most common scams aimed at website owners and spot amateur SEOers instantly its time to double check your understanding.