Module 6 - Optimizing a Page for a Keyword Phrase (Text)

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Optimizing a Page for a Keyword Phrase Explainer Video

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Watch the Optimizing a Page for a Keyword Phrase explainer and get a head start in your knowledge before completing this text element!

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Let's recap!

In Module 1 we looked at SEO Scams and Cons so you can avoid the companies that could cause your website considerable harm.

Module 2 covered personalized search so you don't make the very common mistake made by many website owners and think you have good rankings when you don't!

In Module 3 we saw how Search Engines go about deciding who should be in their Search Results Pages and in what order they should rank.

Module 4 was all about deciding what you want to rank for in the SERPs so you don't waste your time trying to compete with much larger players or ranking for phrases no one searches!

Module 5 outlined how we can help search engines understand the basic structure of our website.

In the next two modules we'll focus on optimizing individual pages. In this module we'll look at the visible content that visitors see and in the next module we'll dive into the code (don't worry, no technical skills needed!)

This is all part of On-Page SEO.

There are key elements of your website that Search Engines look at when determining what your content is about (and so where to rank you).

Click the pointer icons in the image below and get to know these crucial elements.

Click on each hand pointer to explore the image below


You can also see these live at our sample website: How to be a Carpenter.

Let's look at each of these in more detail.

The visible title

In our example above the visible title is 'Types of wood' but perhaps 'Types of wood that carpenters use' would be better?


Search engines look at pages and your site as a whole. If they can see clear and consistent references to carpentry and woodworking they will be able to conclude this page is about 'Types of wood that carpenters use' without needing to be so specific in the title.

Conclusion: either title would be fine.

Click each card below to see how we could improve certain page titles




Our Vegan and Wholefood Menu




Contact Ali & Sons London Plumbing Supplies


Milkshake Recipe


Cranberry and Banana Detox Milkshake Recipe




Plumbing Supplies - Water and Waste Pipes

301 redirect

The url

As we mentioned this should be similar or the same to your page title.

If it isn't, and your website is established, do not go changing your urls unless you understand how to '301 redirect'. If you do search engines might not be able to find your new page and visitors who bookmarked you, or linked to you, in the past will be lost.

301 redirecting can require coding skills so proceed with caution or hire an expert who can do it for you.

The text content

There is a skill and an art to writing great content that humans love to read and search engines can fully understand.

Follow the slides below to see what to do ... and what not to do.

  • Don't do this! Cramming your keywords in so the text is almost impossible for humans to read is known as <b>Keyword Stuffing</b> and could get you banned from some search engines.</p>
  • <p>OK, its nice(!) but it doesn't give search engines a proper idea of your content because no keywords are mentioned near the top of the text content.
  • Ah! Looking good! Our keywords are in the first paragraph and we'll probably mention them again within the text. But only when it does not interfere with the readability and flow of the content.
Viewing the alt tag of an image in Firefox

Describing your image with the alt tag

Open the webpage you are working on in Firefox. Right hand click on an image and select 'View Image Info'. A box will appear like the one to the right of this text.

Look at the 'Associated Text'. This is the content of your image alt tag.

Try it now by right hand clicking the two tree image on our sample site How to be a carpenter.

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