Take control of your SEO

Webmaxing, the free Online SEO Course for 2024

Take Control of your SEO in 2024

Webmaxing is a revolutionary new way to learn SEO with no technical skills required. It's the essential knowledge that every blogger, small business owner and SEO student needs. And best of all it's completely free!


Bloggers and Website Owners

Learn how to do your own SEO or simply get familiar with the concepts so you can manage your SEO agency and avoid the cons of snake oil salesmen.

Business Owner

Small Business Owners

Get your head around SEO so you can decide whether to do it yourself or feel fully confident that you know how to find a genuine SEO agency or contractor.

Local Trader

Local Retailers, Trade and Service Providers

Get the internet to work for you without spending a fortune and without needing technical skills. Find out how you can create the right leads for your local business with SEO.

SEO Student

SEO Students

Give yourself a solid grounding in the world of Search Engine Optimization so you know how to safely rank websites for clients.

Clean, White Hat SEO from an Industry Leader

WebMaxing is bought to you by Link2light, an industry leading Online Marketing company with over a decade of experience turning struggling websites into internet success stories.

We don't believe in gimmicks or shady schemes. Webmaxing is designed for people who want to rank long term without the fear of search engine penalties.

Learn at your own pace by watching videos, reading texts, carrying out exercises and testing yourself.