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Love blogging but struggling to get visitors to your website? Trying to decide if you should take the dive and learn SEO or hire someone to do it for you?

Either way Webmaxing is for you.


Thinking of doing your own SEO?

Webmaxing will provide you with the comprehensive skills you need to start Search Engine Optimizing your website.

Within a day you'll know how to check if your site is set up correctly and if your pages are search engine friendly.

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Thinking of contracting out your SEO?

Sometimes you are just simply better off concentrating on your own business but how do you know who to hire for your SEO needs?

Webmaxing clearly explains all the jargon and how it fits together alongside clear guides on the most common pitfalls.

You will then be fully equiped for constructive conversations with SEO agencies and contractors, easily sorting the knowledgable from the clueless, the genuine from the con artists.

Even better with Webmaxing you'll be able to check on the quality of their work right from the start.

No code

No technical knowledge?

Yes, you heard right! This course requires no technical knowledge. Everything is covered step by step and you won't need to FTP, PHP or script anything!

The Webmaxing SEO Course is all about understanding SEO so you can look at your site and audit it for SEO weaknesses.

You can then learn the processes for resolving these issues or be confident you know who you need to hire and what you want them to do.


No Fees

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Zip.