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Considering a career in Search Engine Optimization but don't know where to start? Thinking about working in SEO but not quite ready to enroll in that college course or night school?

Webmaxing is for you.


The webmaxing free SEO course will provide you with a comprehensive over view of Search Engine Optimization and a concrete foundation for more in-depth studies.

Within hours you'll know how to audit any website and correct issues that can make a fundamental difference in how its pages rank.

SEO Shark

You'll also learn what the scams are as well as what SEO practices can get a website banned by Search Engines so you can avoid them.

Webmaxing will introduce you to all the jargon so you can communicate like a pro in no time at all separating you from the clueless and the con artists.

No code

No technical knowledge?

Yes, you heard right! This course requires no technical knowledge. Everything is covered step by step and you won't need to FTP, PHP or script anything!

However as a SEO student you'll learn what technical expertise is needed if you wanted to become a more advanced specialist in this field.

No Fees

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Zip.


If I finish the course will I be certified?

If you complete all the modules and successfully pass the exam we will provide you with an independent online certificate like this one.

Hosted by Webmaxing this is a great way of proving to others your SEO Knowledge.