Module 9 - Being Secure, Fast and Readable (Test)

What do you Know?

Answer these questions to check you understand the contents of Module 9 - Being Secure, Fast and Readable

Question 1

Your boss wants to speed up page loading times on the company's website and has made a list of actions he thinks should be taken and a second list of lower priority tasks. He's asked you to check them before they are handed over to the web developers. What corrections would you make?

Click and drag the boxes to their correct locations.

Urgent tasks

enable gzip

shorten meta descriptions

decrease font sizes

use http/2

Low Priority

reduce image file sizes

add Lazy Load

Question 2

Your client wants to improve the quality of user experience on their website and improve their rankings. Which of the following will help:

Tick all of the boxes you believe are correct

Question 3

Over coffee your friend tells you that she has heard everyone talking about Google Lighthouse but she's not sure what it is. How would you best describe it?

Select the correct answer from the following: