Module 6 - Optimizing a Page for a Keyword Phrase (Test)

What do you Know?

Answer these questions to check you understand the contents of Module 6 - Optimizing a Page for a Keyword Phrase

Question 1

Your friend doesn't understand keyword stuffing. How would you best describe it?

Select the correct answer from the following:

Question 2

Your boss has chosen a keyword for a particular page on the company website. She has asked you where it should appear on the page to help the page rank higher for that keyword. Which of these would you recommend?

Tick all of the boxes you believe are correct

Question 3

Your client has just shown you their website. Sort the urls out into ones you believe are search engine friendly and ones you think aren't up to scratch.

Click and drag the boxes to their correct locations.

Search Engines friendly urls




urls unfriendly to Search Engines