Module 3 - How Search Engines Rank Websites

What do you know?

Answer these questions to check you understand the contents of Module 3 - How Search Engines Rank Websites

Question 1

Your friend has written a blog post titled 'The 5 best health drinks to start your day'. On a search engine that uses Latent Semantic Indexing what search terms might her post show up for:

Tick all of the boxes you believe are correct

Question 2

Your boss is wondering why some of the pages on the company's website have not been indexed search engines. He has made a list of potential issues the pages might have and has asked you to tell him which ones should be investigated.

Drag all the dark blue boxes to their correct locations on the right

Copied Content

Slow Loading

Page Titles

Swear Words

Text Font

Advert Heavy


Not relevant

Question 3

You have just taken on a new client. What is your first step?

Select the correct answer from the following: