Module 5 - Helping Search Engines Understand Your Site (Test)

What do you Know?

Answer these questions to check you understand the contents of Module 5 - Helping Search Engines Understand Your Site

Question 1

A friend wants to know what she should concentrate on that would help search engines get to know her website. She's made two lists, one which she thinks are important and another that she thinks aren't relevant. Help her correct the lists.

Click and drag the boxes to their correct locations.

Helpful to Search Engines

Text Sizes

High Resolution Images

The Logo

Not Helpful to Search Engines

The Navigation Menu

The color scheme

The Website's Name

Question 2

Taking basic steps to help search engines understand what your website is about is part of:

Tick all of the boxes you believe are correct

Question 3

You work for a company that has an online store. Your boss things the navigation is well designed but asks you if there is any SEO benefit from adding a search box. What do you say?

Select the correct answer from the following: