Module 10 - Becoming an Authority (Test)

What do you Know?

Answer these questions to check you understand the contents of Module 10 - Becoming an Authority

Question 1

You have just found out that one of the pages on your website has got a link from the website of a major national television station. Which factors would make you want to party?

Tick all of the boxes you believe are correct

Question 2

Your boss wants you to focus on link building that could really make a difference to your website's rankings. She has made a list of possible link sources. Sort these into ones worth doing and ones worth avoiding!

Drag all the dark blue boxes to their correct locations on the right

Seed sites

Directory listings

Popular blogs

Private Blog Networks

Local news websites

Resources listings

Worth Doing

Worth Avoiding

Question 3

Your friend is excited to have a link from Wikipedia to a page on his website. The link is marked in the code as 'nofollow' and he asks you for your thoughts. What do you say?

Select the correct answer from the following: